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500 IPhone 5s vs LG G3.

Tonight we are going to compare the smartphones which are incomparable at first. But this is only at first sight. Although these phones operate different operating systems, that is, Android for LG and iOS for an Apple phone; both, the G3 and iPhone 5s have been released almost simultaneously, and for these who were looking to buy a brand new smartphone, this could became an uneasy choice indeed.

First of all, we need to understand the difference between iOS and Android systems. The difference is quite huge, because these systems are completely incompatible. The trick here though, is that the most common software vendors, like Facebook or Skype actually create different versions of the programs depending on the operating systems. So in the end the users could find the apps they are used to for whatever system they use, although it is important to admit that it turns out a pain in the ass for the developers to create all these different versions of software. If there was only one operating system the developers could concentrate on creating better products, rather than have to scatter their resources just in order to comply with different competing operating systems. But wait, iOS and android aren’t all the available options, because there is also a windows mobile OS and a blackberry OS, but whatever, they are not going to be discussed in this comparison article as they are hardly even related.

While both are the excellent phone, iPhone actually costs more, so if a budget is something that actually matters for you then you shouldn’t think any longer and grab the cheaper LG G3. Believe me, both phones are cool and there is no reason to pay extra for this iPhone 5s. Some other users care little about the price, and if their fancy wishes, they are going to pay more just to get whatever they want. If you are one of such users who could consider investing another $200 without gaining much or any feasible advantages, you could read on and consider the other differences between the two.

IPhone 5s is actually much smaller. If you are a girl with girly hands who can’t handle a bigger apparatus without actually having some problems, then an iPhone could be better. If you put your phone in the bag, it would also take much less space, so you could even fit it in a wallet if you wish. Note, although they have different battery capacities, both perform about the same, because the smaller iPhone also has to consume a lesser amount of energy.
Another factor of choosing one over the other is being an Apple lover or an Apple hater. If you are hater, then obviously you would better get off with an Android phone. Fortunately, there are plenty on the market. In respect of durability, iPhone has turned out more durable than the G3. See, after testing, the G3 unit we have given away to our fans, while the other one has ended up in an iPhone 5 Repair shop.